Video production

Video marketing is a way to advertise on TV, YouTube or a web page. It is considered the most efficient media for promotion. Video is an excellent way to communicate with an audience because it joins video and audio, i.e. the user is presented with a brand, product, or service through many senses.

Video shooting includes:

  1. Creating a script and concept
  2. Preparing the equipment and lighting
  3. Shooting the video
  4. Editing the video

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Audio production

Audio production involves the production of sound and sound recording for various purposes. It includes recording radio advertisements, jingles, films, musical works, and creating background sounds for video games and other TV, radio and internet materials.

Audio production has its own process, which will be expertly handled by our team with minimal demands on your part throughout the process.

Audio production arranged by Kontrast includes:

  • preparation and production of music,
  • sound production,
  • arrangement and audio editing, i.e. audio postproduction.

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