Point of sale (POS) materials are market-focused promotional materials that present a product at points of sale.

Well-designed POS materials increase and stimulate sales in areas such as supermarkets or smaller chain stores, both retail and wholesale. In that sense, POS materials play an extremely important role in encouraging a customer to buy or inform themselves about a product. They are a form of communication with consumers, presenting a brand at the point of sale.

The advantage of this type of promotion is its instant impact and its powerful visual impression. It stimulates buying (often unplanned) and conveys a strong, clear message to the consumer.

Indoor promotional materials:

Display and freestanding racks: cardboard, metal, wooden, plexi-rack, wobblers, shelf-liners, parasites, hangers.
Stickers: removable stickers for floors and windows.

Outdoor promotional materials:

Pallet wrappers: tarpaulins, posters, floor stickers, free-standing flags, serial flags, beach flags, branded tents.

Kontrast offers a complete service, including the design of POS materials, printing, and distribution to the desired destination (a store, display rooms, fairs, etc). You can trust our professional team do all the work.

The price of promotional materials is individual. It depends on the choice, amount, and dimensions of the materials, and on how demanding the job is.

For a more precise evaluation, ask for a quotation! If you have any other questions, contact us! We look forward to cooperating with you!


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