The aim of outdoor advertising is to create greater awareness about a brand, to provide information about promotions, events, news and, as a final goal, to encourage a consumer to visit a store or to consider the purchase of a product or service by placing the advertising in the most heavily trafficked areas.
Outdoor advertising provides fantastic exposure and ensures that your brand or advertisement will have a subconscious effect on the greatest number of people.

We offer the following types of outdoor advertising:

  • Advertising by renting a poster or making jumbo posters
  • Advertising on vehicles/painting on vehicles
  • Branding kiosks
  • Advertising through promotional houses
  • Streetlight posters
Why Kontrast?

Because with us you are secure and at ease from the moment we sign the contract until the service is delivered. During our long work, we have encountered many challenges, found the best locations for advertisements, and cooperated with a large number of partners, which is why we can offer you excellent service at reasonable prices.

Take a look at our gallery of works and see what some of our outdoor advertising looks like.

We look forward to cooperating with you!

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