Copywriting includes the planning, research and writing of content, such as inventing creative advertising slogans and writing promotional texts and articles in daily or weekly newspapers and journals and on web portals and web pages. We can also compose texts for e-mail campaigns and announcements on social networks.

The goal of copywriting is to create content tailored to the target audience, i.e. content that will attract the audience and stimulate the sale of a service or a product.

What do we offer?

  • Creating a basic slogan or name of a campaign or product
  • Creating texts for web pages (main text, description of a company, a product category, or product description)
  • Finding and analyzing key words
  • Finding photographs
  • Creating texts for advertisements and announcements on social networks
  • Creating articles for web pages such as news, blogs and notices, or a guest article

If you are not exactly sure if this is something you need, contact us to learn more!

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